The next Paul Walden Symposium will be held in 2025.
Information will follow. Stay updated!
Riga, Latvia

Paul Walden was a Latvian and his first scientific results were obtained in Riga under the supervision of a Nobel prize winner Professor Wilhelm Ostwald. In 1896 he discovered his famous rule, later called the “Walden inversion”. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Paul Walden’s birth, this date in 2013 was included in the UNESCO Celebrations Day Calendar.

As of 1988, the Riga Technical University has awarded a Paul Walden medal in Chemistry and Science History (both beloved Walden’s scientific disciplines) to Latvian chemists for their outstanding work and achievements.

In 1997 Prof. Edwin Vedejs (University of Michigan, USA) was awarded a Paul Walden medal, and this same year was the starting point for the traditional Paul Walden Symposiums.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Paul Walden Symposium!