1st Paul Walden Symposium Plenary Speakers

Professor Remir G. Kostyanovsky (Moscow, Russia)
“Six impossible things in stereochemistry”

Professor Peter Somfai (Lund, Sweden)
“Synthesis and rearrangements of strained heterocycles as a novel entry to biologically interesting structures”

Professor Jānis Stradiņš (Riga, Latvia)
“Paul Walden – an outstanding Latvian chemist in Riga”

Professor David Tanner (Copenhagen, Denmark)
“Asymmetric synthesis and catalysis via chiral aziridines”

Professor Ivar Ugi (Muenchen, Germany)
“The progress in multi component reaction – chemistry and their stereoselective aspects”

Professor Edvīns Vedējs (Madison, USA)
“Recent studies in stereochemistry”