2nd Paul Walden Symposium Plenary Speakers

Professor Mikael Bols (Aarhus, Denmark)
“Stereoelectronic substituent effects on the basicity and conformation of amines and on the reactivity of carbohydrates”

Professor Reinhard Brückner (Freiburg, Germany)
“Enantioselective synthesis of 5-membered ring lactones and applications thereof in synthesis”

Professor Emīlija Gudriniece (Riga, Latvia)
“1,3-Indandione in organic synthesis”

Professor Ojārs Neilands (Riga, Latvia)
“Aryliodonium betaines of b-dicarbonyl compounds: synthesis and use for dioxocarbene generation

Professor Hans J. Reich (Madison, USA)
“Structure and reactivity of organolithium reagents: epoxide opening and conjugate addition”

Professor Peter Somfai (Stockholm, Sweden)
“Regio- and stereodivergent synthesis of vic-amino alcohols”

Professor Jānis Stradiņš (President of the Latvian Academy of Sciences; Riga, Latvia)
“Wilhelm Ostwald and his collaborator Paul Walden in Riga (1881-1887)”

Professor Edvīns Vedējs (Ann Arbor, USA)
“Synthesis of hindered peptides; a total synthesis of hemiasterlin”

Professor Miguel Yus (Alicante, Spain)
“The arene-catalyzed lithiation: new synthetic adventures”