6th Walden Symposium

Paul Walden 6th symposium in organic chemistry was held in Riga on October 5-6, 2009 and was organized by Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Latvian Academy of Science together with both faculties of chemistry at Latvian University and Riga Technical University. Financial support mainly came from Latvian businessmen. The main financial support for the first time came from leading Scandinavia-based drug development partner „Syntagon”. Other sponsors came from Latvian Scientific Council, scientific equipment company „Biosan” Ltd, and for the first time company BAPEKS.

Half of 8 lecturers: professors Maurice Brookhart from University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, USA), Steven P. Marsden from University of Leeds (Leeds, United Kingdom), David Hodgson from Oxford University (Oxford, United Kingdom) and Ari M.P.Koskinen from Helsinki University of Technology (Helsinki, Finland) gave lectures to the Latvian chemists audience for the first time.

We have continued traditions of the five previous symposiums in increasing students participation. Students from both Latvian Universities presented 22 posters on the second day in the poster session. Tradicionally posters were evaluated during discussions with poster authors by all plenary speakers with great enthusiasm. Poster session was more than two hours long, therefore evaluation time was increased in comparison with previous Walden Symposiums. The highest level of posters was pointed out by the outstanding professor Ari Keskonen (Helsinki, Finland). The level and quality of posters are rising up and equalizing between students from symposium to symposium. The most strong competition were between PhD and MSc students and they presented nine posters each. Among PhD students the best poster was from Riga Technical University – Jevgeņija Mackeviča and Vitālijs Rjabovs „Synthesis of bis-triazole linked disaccharides” (supervisor prof. Māris Turks), the 2nd place went for Vitālijs Rjabovs „Synthesis of triazole linked oligosaccharides” (supervisor prof. Māris Turks). The best master students came from Latvian Institute of Organic synthesis – winner Edgars Paegle „Synthesis of fused benzi[b]selenophenes” (supervisor Dr.chem. Pavel Arsenyan) and  2nd place for Maksims Jevgļevskis „Synthesis of 2-benzoimidazolylaminobenzoic acids” (supervisor Dr.chem. Mārtiņš Katkevičs). Bachelor students presented only 4 posters – and the best was coming from Riga Technical University Imants Kreituss „Synthesis of homochiral aziridine-triazole conjugates” (supervisors prof. Māris Turks and Dr.chem.Daina Zicāne) and 2nd place Kristīne Kļimoviča from Latvian Institute of Organic synthesis „Synthesis of 4-(1,3-butadienyl)oxazoline as a multifunctional building block by Pd(II) catalyzed intramolecular diene aminopalladation” (supervisors MSc Ansis Maleckis and Dr.chem. Aigars Jirgensons).


Plenary speakers.

Prof. Edvards Liepiņš recent Paul Walden’s medal winner in 2007 (Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Riga, Latvia), Some conformational and solvation studies of the proteins.

Prof. Maurice Brookhart (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA), Alkane Metathesis Using a Dual Catalyst System.

Prof. Steven P. Marsden (University of Leeds, Leeds, UK), From Quaternary Asymmetric Centres to Heteroaromatics.

Prof. David Hodgson (University of Oxford, Oxford, UK), Small Heterocycles: Rich Chemistry.

Prof. Eugenijus Butkus (Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania), Crystal networks and supramolecules based on C2-symmetric bicyclo[3.3.1]nonane synthons.

Prof. Olafs Daugulis (University of Houston, Houston, USA), Palladium and Copper-Catalyzed Arylation of C-H Bonds.

Prof. Ari M.P.Koskinen (Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki, Finland), Selectivity and specificity: catalysis and chiral pool hand in hand.

Prof. Marc Gingras (Mediterranean University, Marseille, France), A Little Touch of Sulfur, Metals, and Sugar  in the Nanoworld of Dendrimers.